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get to know me meme: 
[2/8] favorite celebrities: sebastian stan

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i want to create a tv show about a group of friends where they’re all queer except the one token cishet friend who’s only there to say stereotypical “straight” things for laughs like “macklemore got me into rap” and “my mom and i got into a fight because she wouldn’t buy me a fourth obey snapback”

Or we could just stop stereotyping people.

you’re cast

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Watch Our Most Beautiful Celebs Read Nice Internet Comments. (x)

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I wonder what my friends say about me when i’m not around because i’m sure it’s not nice things

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it doesn’t help me as a bisexual woman when people say that people take lesbian identities seriously, as real, as anything more than a phase.

a huge part of the troubles facing women is that all of us, every woman - lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual, anything - is expected to be sexually available to men at all times. our own sexual identities don’t matter in the face of compulsory heterosexuality. our consent doesn’t matter.

the idea of what it means to be a woman in our world is to belong to a man. 

there are better ways to talk about bisexual issues without erasing patriarchy. 

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make me choose ♥ therosebloomsoncemore asked: aiden mathis or blaine anderson + lafferti asked: aiden mathis or nolan ross

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Leave a Fandom in my Ask 

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